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The Donut Project

Donut Group Pilot Research Event Leeds

The Donut Project is examining the work of Leeds' small-scale arts organisations in relation to their geographical location. It aims to help these organisations, and the city as a whole, to deliver cultural provision that is equal, relevant, and sustainable.

The project sees researchers from the University of Leeds working with the Donut Group; a network of small-scale arts organisations located outside Leeds city centre. The group was established in 2015 to give its members support and a voice in local affairs. Its current members are:

The Donut Project began with the Donut Pilot Project, which was completed in July 2018. It demonstrated the frequency and diversity of cultural activity taking place in locations outside of the city centre - you can download a report of the findings here.  Following the success of the Pilot Project, the research team are now working to build a more complete picture of the city's cultural provision.